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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” 

– Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteering Requirements Until Further Notice

Hearts & Hooves continues to attempt to mitigate risk during this time of Covid. Masks are optional at this time. Please see the links below to register for your training class, download your required paperwork, and complete your online background check.

Volunteering at Hearts & Hooves

Hearts & Hooves could not operate without dedicated volunteers – they are our backbone and primary source of support. Without the extra set of hands to help riders sit tall, the communication between horse and leader, the constant care of our horses and their home, and the partnerships in our community, it would be nearly impossible to serve our riders!

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you have experience with horses, with kids or just simply life, there is a position for everyone at Hearts & Hooves. Both adults and young adults are welcome! If you are between 8 and 13, bring an adult to volunteer with you. If you are younger than 8, please be patient…you’ll soon be old enough!

Barn Team

Be a vital part of a fun team that works to keep our horses happy, healthy and safe by keeping our barn clean!
Age Minimum: 8

Horse Leading

Take responsibility for one of our lesson horses before, during and after class.
Age Minimum:

16 if no prior horse experience,

14-16 evaluated by staff if prior horse experience

Side Walker

Provide direct support to our riders from arrival until departure in a safe learning environment.
Age Minimum: 16

Questions? Email:


Take responsibility for grooming and tacking one of our lesson horses before a class.
Age Minimum: 14

Horse Buddy

Take responsibility for grooming, bathing, providing enrichment opportunities, and exercise for an assigned horse once a week.
Age Minimum: 16

Schooling Team

Experienced equestrians assist staff with weekly training, care, and riding of our lesson horses.
Age Minimum: 16

Ready to Volunteer? Follow these steps:

Step 1

register for training

Click the link below to schedule yourself for a training class to learn how to groom, tack, lead and sidewalk for lessons with our special equestrians.



Please download the appropriate paperwork, complete and bring it with you to your training day.

step 3

background check

All adults must have a background check completed. You may complete it yourself through the link below and have the results shared with us, or you may have us complete it for you. We use the same company, Sterling Volunteers, so the cost is $10 whether you use the link below or we do it for you.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Auxiliary  Committee

Join this committee to help with events, fundraisers, spreading the word about Hearts & Hooves, and more!

(Non-horse volunteer work)
Age Minimum: 16


Our 11 acres always needs some assistance with mowing, weedeating, leaf blowing/collection, fence mending, painting, light carpentry work, equipment maintenance and repair. Something always needs some work on it around here!

(Non-horse volunteer work)
Age Minimum: 14

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Group volunteer opportunities are an ideal way for churches, university student groups, high schools and corporate teams to join the Hearts & Hooves community and provide unique support to our programs.


Work on a variety of projects around our 11 acre property, such as grounds maintenance, painting, landscaping, or cleaning.

Tailor your team’s special strengths to our organization and programmatic needs.

Email for more information or to schedule your team.

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