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I joined the Hearts & Hooves program in the Fall of 2010, and I just love it here. I was foaled in 1995, and I had a previous career as a general ranch horse in Nebraska before coming to Hearts & Hooves. I don’t know as much about all of this fancy English riding as some other horses, I was ridden western at my old home. But, I am willing to learn new things and I try to please.


My name is Bon Jovi and I certainly have the makings of a rock star! I am half Arab and half Hanoverian.  I am double registered and bred to be a rock star in the arena.  In my younger days, I sustained an injury on my left hind leg.  My owners had the best veterinarians on board for my recovery; I even got to swim in a pool as part of my physical therapy. I got all healed up, but the injury left me with some scar tissue that causes my gait to look uneven at times. This does not hurt me at all; in fact all it hurt was my show career as a dressage horse.  I can still perform all the maneuvers required to be a therapy horse and I am very happy to be a part of the herd of therapy horses here at Hearts & Hooves.

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I’m a Haflinger who was foaled in 2003. I came to the program in 2009 thanks to a grant from UPS. I was specially chosen for my breed—we’re becoming very popular as Therapy Horses for our short stature, strength and tolerance. I possess all of these qualities! I can carry both children and adults. I’m a very loving horse with a dressage background, and will respond to the most subtle leg or rein aid, making me a great mount for people with weaker muscles.



I am a Leopard Appaloosa. I was born in 2004 and named Frank for my beautiful blue eyes.  I am sweet, very smart, and easy-going. I joined the Hearts & Hooves team in February of 2019. I love my job and all my new friends. I always want to please my rider, but I want them to work for it so they learn well!



I am a BLM Mustang and I was foaled in 2010.  I came to Hearts & Hooves in 2015 and began working in the program soon after I completed my therapy horse training.  My start was from a program at the Colorado detention center and from there I went to Assurance Home in New Mexico to learn how to be a therapy horse.  Assurance Home then donated me to Hearts & Hooves. I'm the youngest program horse here, but I'm large and in charge in the pasture! 



I am a mixed Missouri Foxtrotter and was donated to the program in 2018. My previous career was as a trail riding horse. My owner noticed that I was not enjoying the trailer rides as much and I needed to be in one place I could call home. Due to my sweet nature and desire for human  interaction, she offered me my shot to be a therapeutic     riding horse at Hearts & Hooves. I am very sensitive soul and  I aim to please!



Foaled in 2001, I am a Quarter Horse and joined the program in 2019. My previous career was briefly as a barrel horse, but mostly as lesson and trail riding horse. Due to my sweet nature and desire for human interaction, I feel lucky to be picked to be a therapeutic riding horse at Hearts & Hooves. I am sensitive soul with a big, sweet spirit.

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