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Hearts & Hooves began as a therapeutic riding center in June 2001. Our covered arena was completed in 2002, and our office was renovated and therapy room added in 2013. We earned Premier Accredited Center status through PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) in June 2004, demonstrating that we operate in accordance with national standards as set by professional peers within the therapeutic riding industry. Hundreds of children, youth and adults have enjoyed the benefits of riding in the Hearts & Hooves' program since 2001. 


  • Compassion

  • Teamwork

  • Professionalism

  • Legacy


"Horseback riding allows Angela to be like ‘everyone else’ and do something that a lot of her friends wish they could do.”

-Christy, parent of rider

“Keshawn jumps up and down. Six months ago he wasn’t able to jump without falling.  His oral skills have improved 100%.  It has helped him so much with strength in his legs; his balance is much steadier than last summer.  As long as I am physically and financially able to be involved at Hearts & Hooves, we will be here.”

-Carrie, parent of rider

Meet our terrific staff and Hearts & Hooves' Board members.

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"At Hearts & Hooves, there is a special relationship between the rider and volunteers.  The volunteers provide such a warm supportive atmosphere.  Through their friendly banter and smiles, Olivia realizes that it’s okay to take chances because she is safe and has people who care surrounding her.  Without a doubt since she began riding, she is more confident, outgoing and happy.”

-Robin, parent of rider

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