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Hearts & Hooves provides equine assisted activities to persons with disabilities and is located in Sherwood AR, just outside of the Little Rock/North Little Rock city limits. Hearts & Hooves enriches the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse.


Tickets On Sale Now For Fun Fall Events!

Hearts & Hooves has two exciting events going on this fall--it's time to check our calendars and buy your tickets!

 The Little Rock Polo Classic

 Is your only polo match experience from the movie Pretty Woman?  If so, it's time to experience the real thing!  Windrush Polo Farm (21002 Burlingame Rd, Little Rock) is hosting the event September 13, 2014 (rain check date: September 27).  Whether you want to join in the VIP tent and wear your linen suit or fancy hat, take a more casual approach with a picnic lunch or food truck purchase in the General Admission area, or want to pack a carload and tailgate by the field, we have a ticket option for you!  Polo may be a new experience for Little Rock, but it’s one that will definitely catch on!   Keep in mind that we have limited space, so get those tickets while they’re hot!  We’re also looking for sponsors to partner with us to make this event the best it can be.  Sponsorships have some added benefits… check them out here.  Buy tickets here

For more information on this event, check out thewebsite: The Little Rock Polo Classic

Check out this beautiful painting, donated to this event by artist Bob Crane...


The 14th Annual Hoedown

Dust off those dancing boots!  We’re gearing up for our signature event on October 25th here in the Hearts & Hooves riding arena from 6-9pm.  Craig O’Neill will emcee, Canvas will perform live, and Hearts & Hooves special equestrians will have a very special show to share as well!  Start your Christmas shopping early with the live and silent auctions, and enjoy a hearty steak dinner from Golden Corral, with a cold beer supplied by Glazer’s.  This is truly a community-wide effort, and always a fun event!  We have a particularly energetic and amazing group of volunteers putting this event together; it's sure to be the best Hoedown yet!  For more information, or to purchase a ticket, click here or call 501-834-8509 to speak with Liz.

Riders show off during the Art Walk (above), the crowd enjoys dinner and dancing, featuring Canvas (below)


Happy Trails, Ben!

Haz Ben Tripled, more commonly known as Ben, has been serving Hearts & Hooves as a Therapy Horse since 2001, and was donated  to the program in 2003 by his owner, and Hearts & Hooves’ founder, Pat White.  Ben has held a special place in many hearts (and hooves!) over the years, and despite his age and the physical limitations that are slowly increasing as he gets older, has continued to faithfully work in the arena, carrying his special riders, the last 13 years.  It’s important to remember that the national average for a therapy horse’s working service is 2 years.  This just goes to show how perfectly Ben fit into this job!  While it’s difficult to say goodbye, at 28 years of age, we feel it’s time to retire Ben, while he’s still active enough to enjoy his retirement.  He’ll be moving out of Hearts & Hooves and to a new, loving home on Monday, July 21st.   If you would like to donate in honor of Ben, please do so via this link, by clicking the button next o “honorarium”:  Of course, all proceeds will go towards continuing to support the riders that Ben has supported for the last 13 years.

As is our tradition at Hearts & Hooves, a picture with a sign-able mat will be available soon by the arena, for riders and volunteers to say goodbye, or share their memories of Ben.

Please enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Ben through the years:



Rider Testimonials

It helps her language skills, self esteem and self-confidence…and the results have been amazing. One example of the benefit is that we had been trying to teach her how to ride her bicycle for the past several summers.  She came home one weekend and she just got on her bike on her own and just started riding. She had learned to hold her head up with good posture so that she could see where she was going. When she rides the horse, they tell her to hold her head up like a princess. I think balance and confidence is what made her get out there and ride that bike. ~LeJean, mother


Volunteer Testimonials

I really like working with the horses and helping people ~Jeanne,age withheld upon request


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