Hearts & Hooves Schooling Team hosts the Horse Christmas Party

Good cheer, good treats and a caroling in the Walt Keenihan Arena make the 2016 Horse Christmas Party the place to be on Thursday, December 15 at 7:00 PM.  Following a heartwarming Drill Team performance by the Schooling Team, we will meet in the Therapy Room for hot chocolate, cider, and opening presents!   The horses have all consulted with Santa and have put together their wish list...


Christmas Wish List from Hearts & Hooves Horses
You can find most of these items at your local Farmers, Tractor Supply (TSC) or the clickable links noted by the item.  Each horse also has a personal wish list…ask a staff member or check out each of our horses’ Facebook posts

if you’d like to see a specific horse’s list!

Kensington Door Guard for the stalls-  Item #12310

Muck Fork (wood or metal handle, plastic tines)- Farmers Association or Tractor Supply (TSC)

Cowboy Magic  Detangler and Shine5 Gallon Electric Heated Water Bucket- Farmers Association, TSC or online


Fly Spray-Farmers Association or TSC

Lexol Leather Cleaning Wipes- Item #23159

Lexol Leather Conditioning Wipes-  Item #23160

Lexol Leather Conditioner-Farmers Association or TSC

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes-  or 800-533-3377  ITEM #WEAJN

Oakwood Leather Oil Spray-  or 800-533-3377 ITEM #WEAJL

Oakwood Leather Conditioner-  or 800-533-3377 ITEM #WEBWEAJG

Horse Length Bright Colored Rainbow Reins-

A Pair of Large Dice or Rubber Rings from
Large heavy duty Carabiner type clips-hardware store or TSC
32”x32” Western Wool Felt Pad. 1 inch thick-  Item # SLT722816

Dressage Schooling Pads-  Item #19497

SLOW FEED Hay Nets- Farmers Association or TSC

Lined Stirrup Leathers 54” brown Item #17451
Odoban- Home Depot or Walmart.
Soft and Hard Brushes, Hoof Picks with brush ends

Mane and Tail Brushes (plastic vented ones from Dollar Tree)
Pink Lady Wound Care Ointment-Farmers Association or TSC
Muck Buckets- Farmers Association or TSC
Hoof Heal Hoof Conditioner-online at   Item # SLT180452

Magic Cushion online at Item #17151

Venice Turpentine-Farmers Association

War Paint-  Item # SLT900178

Fly Wraps-  

Mineral Oil-Walmart

Plain Salt-Walmart

Gallons of Apple Cider Vinegar-Walmart

Tea Tree Oil-Walmart

Tums or Walmart brand Chewable Antacids. MINT FLAVOR

Smart Digest Ultra Paste (we can never have too many of these)   Item #21347

Four Flex-

Equimax Dewormers- Farmers Association or TSC

MSM- Oral Supplement found at Farmers Association

*Gift Cards to,, Farmers Association, Home Depot, Walmart or Visa

Want to give something more?

1)Vaal really needs a new WATER PROOF Medium Weight Blanket for the winter . He really likes the WeatherBeeta brand and would be happy with any color you choose for him. Vaal wears a size 75 and they have them at  Item #21970


2) Sponsor My SmartPak-SmartPak monthly supplement services (monthly cost varies.) SmartPaks are custom made, pre-measured daily dose Paks of our horse's supplements. SmartPaks are delivered automatically every 28 days, so we never worry about running out. You can go to to learn more. If you want to sponsor a horse’s SmartPak talk with, Lisa Evans, Barn Mgr to help get you started.



Hearts & Hooves provides equine assisted activities to persons with disabilities and is located in Sherwood AR, just outside of the Little Rock/North Little Rock city limits. Hearts & Hooves enriches the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse.


Rider Testimonials

"The riding has improved Stephanie’s range of motion in her legs. The staff is great with tons ofpatience. Wonderful place and people!" - Linda, parent of rider
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Volunteer Testimonials

It’s something different and something other than the zoo. It’s much calmer and even-keeled. Everybody is friendly and fun, and there is lots of laughing! ~Melissa , age 25


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