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Hearts & Hooves provides equine assisted activities to persons with disabilities and is located in Sherwood AR, just outside of the Little Rock/North Little Rock city limits. Hearts & Hooves enriches the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse.


Wear a t-shirt, help a child ride

If you've kept up with The Penny Race, you know that this summer, Hearts & Hooves is focused on raising money for rider scholarships!  In addition to the Penny Race, the staff is running 2 T-shirt boosters this summer.  Right now through July 4, we're offering a sport-tek shirt (made out of the cool, sweat-wicking type fabric), in both men and women's styles, and in multiple colors.  Unfortunately, they don't offer this style in children's sizes.  You can order yours (ships straight to you) here:

After July 4, we will offer a regular cotton T-shirt (children's sizes avaialbe!).  We're still working on the artwork that will be on it... if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see and wear, let us know!

All proceeds from this booster will go towards a rider in need of a scholarship this year.  What a great way to GIVE support and SHOW your support to the world, at the same time!

Penny Race: Week 3 Results

 Things are starting to heat up in the 2015 Penny Race!  Vaaltal made huge strides this week and has started his bid to first place--currently, he's just behind leader Peanut.  But coming up on the rail is Dixieland Dan, who just blew by Champ, is currently in third and is in a position to potentially take Vaal's place in second.  Sadly, it seems Chaucer and Cherokee are napping at the starting gate.  With 7 weeks to go, it's still anyone's race... but our sleeply gate-lurkers need to wake up sooner rather than later!

Thanks to all of our riders, volunteers and friends who have brought in pennies, dollars, checks, and even swiped a credit card to support their favorite Therapy Horse!  The race isn't over yet, so keep it up!  Our goal is to raise $2,000, all of which will go to support the horses' favorite cause: rider scholarships. 

Here is the leader board for all horses for WEEK THREE (first place on top).

Horses Weekly Total Overall Total
Peanut  $              66.65  $            138.19
Vaal  $              30.90  $              52.84
Dan  $              10.71  $              32.59
Champ  $                0.20  $              24.48
Twister  $                3.44  $              12.17
Daisy  $                1.00  $                 9.83
Doc  $                1.72  $                 7.80
Sam  $                3.07  $                 6.14
Cherokee  $                     -    $                 3.06
Chaucer  $                     -    $                 1.63
TOTAL  $            117.69  $             288.73

It's Vaal making headlines in the Penny Race this week, with his strong bid to kick young whippersnapper Peanut out of first place.  Vaal asked us to put up this picture of his adorable face, so that you would feel inspired to donate in his name this week!!

Rider Testimonials

Dear Mrs. Pat, I love your program! All of the people go to great lengths to make the miracles happen! I can see that you are covered in miracles and I am deeply touched by these miracles! --Your rider, Amanda
…PS: I always look forward to our next riding lesson! ~Amanda, 13 years old


Volunteer Testimonials

"Mason has a handicapped younger brother and feels right at home working alongside children with special needs.  He finds it rewarding to build relationships with the kids while helping them learn new skills.  He is an encouraging, yet protective leader.  His biggest challenge has been learning how to communicate in different ways.  He previously took riding lessons and also enjoys grooming and handling the horses.  Hearts & Hooves is a perfect fit for Mason and he loves spending time volunteering!"  --Susan (mother of a teenage volunteer)

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