Hearts & Hooves provides equine assisted activities to persons with disabilities and is located in Sherwood AR, just outside of the Little Rock/North Little Rock city limits. Hearts & Hooves enriches the lives of people with disabilities through partnership with the horse.


All 10 Therapy Horses Adopted at H&H

Hearts & Hooves is excited to announce that for the first time in our history, ALL of our Therapy Horses are currently adopted!  The Adopt-A-Horse program has been around for many years—more information can be found here.  In short, this program ensures money for each adopted horse’s basic needs for the year—feed, annuals shots, deworming treatments as needed, and hoof care.   In return, our adopters receive periodic updates from their steeds, as well as recognitions on the horse’s stall doors and online profiles, found here.

This month, Dr. Angel Jordan adopted Chaucer (pictured below) AND fulfilled the second half of Cherokee’s adoption for 2016.  Three cheers for Dr. Angel could be heard around the barn!  In fact, we want to give a HUGE thanks to ALL of our adopters, for believing in our horses and the important work they do.

Chaucer is grateful to have friends who take care of him!

If you want to get on this bandwagon, you won’t have to wait too long—Doc’s year of adoption is up in spring.  Doc’s sponsorship came through the Superhero Community Fair held at Hearts & Hooves’ last year, and his year of sponsorship will end in April.  However, we’re hopeful someone in the community will seek to support this amazing animal!  If you know of a person or company who would be interested in sponsorship, please point them to this article, or ask them to contact Liz at Hearts & Hooves.

This news has kicked off 2016 with an amazing start!  We can’t wait to see what adventures and surprises are to come for Hearts & Hooves this year.


Rider Testimonials

It helps her language skills, self esteem and self-confidence…and the results have been amazing. One example of the benefit is that we had been trying to teach her how to ride her bicycle for the past several summers.  She came home one weekend and she just got on her bike on her own and just started riding. She had learned to hold her head up with good posture so that she could see where she was going. When she rides the horse, they tell her to hold her head up like a princess. I think balance and confidence is what made her get out there and ride that bike. ~LeJean, mother


Volunteer Testimonials

“I really enjoy getting to work with the horses and riders, and love playing games with the riders or when we start laughing so much we cry.”    –Melissa, arena volunteer and "horse buddy"

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